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Liverpool 60's Beat Poet and the 80's Urban Wordsmith

Adrian Henri and The 'Almost' Blues (1967)
Hope Hall,   Hope Street,   Liverpool  (Everyman Theatre)

'Wasteland' (Henri/Peterson) Lawnmower R'n'B

Limited Edition 12" vinyl -
'Messin' with the Blues' (FatCat 03)
'Blues in Rat's Alley' - Henri/Lawnmower  (FatCass 01)

Craig Charles at Square One Studios (1983)
11 Davies Street Liverpool (Crash Studios)

'In England and in Africa' (Charles/Peterson)

Limited Edition 12" vinyl -
'Messin' with the Blues' (FatCat  03)
Features Craig Charles with Lawnmower (This track only)

  "Craig in his formative years as a Liverpool Wordsmith"

 The Lawnmower recording 'The Cat' (1985)
Square One Studio

Check out 'The Cat' & 'South American Cousin' from the CD

AL Willard Peterson-The Lawnmower Man-A Dozen Choice Cuts!

(Groove 02 MACD208A)

 The Lawnmower (1985)
'Messin' with the Blues', 'Thin Man', 'DJ Blues', and
'In England and In Africa'

Limited Edition 12" vinyl -
'Messin' with the Blues' (FatCat  03)  

The Lawnmower 7" Single (1987)
'Thin Man' bw 'Could Have'
(Fat Cat 02)
Limited Edition
7" vinyl single

29th & Dearborn (1975 - 1979)
Deal with EMI - K O'd by the Sex Pistols (Rock n' Roll Swindle)
Headlined at Chester College supported by Dire Straits
Song shortlisted (Chappell Music) for the Ray Charles.
'Baby, Put Your Love in Me' bw 'Stealer' (Peterson/Dearborn)

Limited Edition 7" vinyl single, available!!

The Almost Blues (1964 - 1970)
Played the
, Liverpool supporting Stevie Wonder, Wilson Picket, Ben E King, Rufus Thomas, Lee Dorsey, Solomon Burke, The Drifters, Doris Troy, John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy Williamson.
Played Liverpool University supporting The Who and Spencer Davis.

The 'Almost' Blues (1969)
EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

Recorded 'Lovitus' this very rare track in Studio 2.
The band had to move all the Beatles equipment prior to recording.
Tommy Brown
pictured left was the lead vocalist with
The 'Almost' Blues at that time.


Limited Edition 12" vinyl (15.99 each inc. p&p)
Limited Edition 7" vinyl (14.99 each inc. p&p)
Cassette - Henri/Lawnmower (5.99 each inc. p&p)
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