Some of the Artists and Bands that Recorded and Rehearsed at SOS (Square One Studios )


July 1980 – March 1987


   Accelerators, Action Transfer, Acuff Rose, Afraid of Mice, Andy Wilson, Arena, Atherton       

   Balcony, Better Frights, Bill Gordon, Bleep Culture,  Box Records, Broadoak Ads, Blue Van, Brian Smith, Black

Carnival, Craig Charles, Carl Chase, Charlie Lansborough, Carl Eaton, Caswell, Cave Canem, Curly Music, Check,

Cherry Boys, Cook Da Books, Crew, Cross Section, Chinese Religion, Cloud Nine

Dalek I Love You, Dead or Alive, Dee & the Dots, Denise Jardine, Drills

   Echo & the Bunnymen, Egyptians, Eric’s Records, Ewart, Excomunicated

   Fat Wallet Records (became Groovin' Records), Flock of Seagulls, Faith Moore, John Fairclough,

   F B  Percussion, Ferret,

   Frantic Elevators, Force It, Formal Sigh, French Lessons, Front Room, Foreign Bodies, Finger Print File

   Gazz & the Groovers, Gary Gannacliffe, Glass Animals, Genetic Grade, Geoff White, Gold Rush,  Glass Torpedoes,

   Grown Up Strange, Godot

   Henchmen, High Five, High Tease, Hit Machine, Hoffman Stone

   It’s Immaterial, Icicle Works, Ian Brodie, Inevitable Records, Incomplete Reunion, Interns, IHM,

Karl Terry, Kashmir, K- Meson, Khartoum Foot, Kindergarden

Jayne Casey, John Seddon, Jump

Lawnmower, Love Ponies (Bill Nighy), Lee Brennan, Laylow Management, Lies All Lies, Love Fountains, Liverpool Harriers

Mick Hucknall, Madame, Mandrake, MI5, Mike Rodgers, Milton, Modern Eon, Mogodons, Motion Pictures, Movie, Max Rooks

Nervous Desire, Neuklon

Orchestral Manoeuvres, Outland Drop

Pale Fountains, Pete Fulwell, Pink Military, Papujack, Pieces of Glass, Pictures of Innocence,

Pollard, Ponderosa Glee Boys, Prance, Prentin, Protégé, Public Disgrace, Pure Fiction

Roger Eagle, Reverb Brothers, Radio Merseyside, Radio City,  Rage, Rigby, Rob Jones, Room,

Robbie Pollard, RPM, Roger, Rooks, Rox Records, Rainhill Tape Specialists.

Savage Lucy, Screams, Sidewalk, Sinek, Skeleton Records, Skeptic, Slippers,

   Smoking Beagles, Sparta Florida, Student Factor, Straight to the Point, Strangeways, Stringer,

   Supercharge, Spiral Dance, Strogoff

   Think of Winter, Tilt, Twisted Nerves, Tony Judge, Tradition, Treazon, Tunnel Users, Unit Q

   Vain Hope, Vanilla Beserk, Vox Arcana, Virgin Dance, Visual Aids 

   Wah! Heat, Walter Mitty, Wharburton, Pike, Widow, Wind Up, Woods, Word

Zale Out, Zeebra, Zsigmond



Square One Studios front cover of the NME 17th January 1981 with Washington the bassman of WAH! HEAT


Square One Studios (SOS) 11 Davies Street Liverpool (Available Recorded Works 1979 - 1987 )  Page 1 - Vinyl 
Date  Artist Tracks 7"   12"
1979 29th & Dearborn Stealer/Put Your Love in Me "    
1980 Pink Industry Is This the End, 47, Don't Let Go, Final Cry 
1980 Roger Eagle (DJ) Juke Box at Eric's
1980/81 WAH! The Maverick Years: Side 1: Remember, Somesay, The Truth about Eddie, The Checkmate Syndrome, I Know there is Something
(Eternal) Side 2: Shambeko, Sleep, Otherboys, What's Happening Here? Seven Minutes to Midnight, The Bible or Maths
1981 Frantic Elevators Searchin’ for the Only One/Hunchback of Notre Dame "
1981 Front Room Joe Public/Camera "
1981 Faction Side 1: Jamaica Day, Disney, Ritual, Faction, Far Away, Crazy People "
(Nicky Hilton) Side 2: Directive 59, Shanghi, Ritual 2, Burning Feet, Vienna, Tired of Love "
1981 It's Immaterial Imitate the Worm/The Worm Turns "    
1982 Cook the Books Piggie in the Middle Eight/Gone to Black
1982 Cherry Boys Kardomah Cafe/ "
1984 Dementia Side 1: Easy Way Out, Fear, I'm Gonna
(Skysaw) Side 2: Written in Blood, Embarkation, Basic Feeling, Back in the States
1985 Always the Now From Dawn ‘til Dusk/C’est La Vie "
1985 Bamboo Fringe  Side 1: The Hands of Time, Turn on the Lights,  "
(Skysaw Records) Side 2: Under Attack, All to Safe, Crazy People, Life & Times  "
1985 Gone to Earth Side 1: Tippin' It Up to Nancy, Rose of York
(Probe Plus) Side 2: John Ryan's Polka, Home by Bearma, Endbit
Folk in Hell: Rendezvous
1985 Merseysippi Jazz Band Side 1: Oh, You California, The Whitewash Man, Get out and Get Under, Funky Butt, Muddy Water, Emporer Norton's Hunch   "
(Clinton Ford) Side 2: My Cutey's Due at 2.22, Chicago Buzz, Mandy, Cornet Chop Suey, Eedilia, Once In a While "
1986 Electric Morning Side 2: Kalahari Rain, Reap What you Sow, Electric "
(James Turner) How Could We be Wrong, Crossing Over, The Heaven Inside  "
1986 Gerry Markey Oh! John/St Joseph of Paradise Street "
1987 The Lawnmower Thin Man/Could Have! "
  "               " The Cat: Side1: The Cat, South American Cousin, Jumpin' High,The Boys are Back in Town  "
              Side 2: Smokin' Joe, Cry, Cry, Cry, Hit the Road Jack. "
1988 The Lawnmower Messin' with the Blues: Side 1: Messin' with the Blues, Radio Active TV Man, Music is the Food of Love "
                                               Wasteland, In England and in Africa "
                                   Side 2: Thin Man, Got to Change, From the Loveless Motel, Got my Mojo Workin' "






From Strawberry Fields - Eyes Growing Wider/In the Heat of the Night recorded at SOS released on

12" vinyl Firestation Records Berlin Germany 2019 played and promoted by DJ Giles Peterson.



Revolutionary Spirit 1976-1988

The Sound of Liverpool

Please Note that 20% of the tracks on this 5CD set on Cherry Red Records where produced at SOS

Kardomah Cafe by The Cherry Boys was recorded at SOS (1980-87) in 1983 not Crash Studios (1987-2007)

WAH! Pete recording The Maverick Years at SOS 1980


Pete Coleman Sound Engineer for The Maverick Years

joined forces with AL Peters to form SOS

Photo by Jef Barnes


 Some of the Albums produced from Square One Studio Master Tapes



      'Juke Box at Eric's'                        WAH! 'The Maverick Years'             WAH! 'The Official  Bootleg'



'Pink Industry' (Pink Military)               Gone To Earth 'Folk in Hell'                The Lawnmower 'The Cat'


Some of the 7" Singles recorded at Square One Studios


It's Immaterial

Frantic Elevators

Gerry Markey

Always the Now

The Lawnmower

The Cherry Boys


Friends & Faces who Played & Worked @ SOS

Antonia de Sancha

Craig Charles & Phil checkin out

photos at SOS 1982



The Reverb Brothers (Col & Jim)

The early years were always accompanied

by a Juke Box

Mike Score

A Flock of Seagulls were a

common sight around 1985 to 1987

Chumpki & Friend

( The Lawnmower backing singers 'The Lawndrettes' Angie & Lyn were the original dancin duo )

Paul Morgan

(SOS Sound Engineer)

Chumpki (Trainee Engineer) & Mike 'Noddy' Knowler

(SOS Sound Engineer)


(Trainee Studio Manager)

Mike Saunders & Adrian Henri

Workin on a late mix of 'Wasteland'.

"I sadly miss Adrian"

Frank Maudsley Relaxes

durin AFOS rehearsals. He became

The Lawnmower bassman for a while.



Wylie & Friends Relax  

at the Everyman Bistro after

recordin 'The Maverick Years'


Craig Charles

Assemblin Studio Art


A Complete Flock of Seagulls

A rare sightin

Adrian Henri

Recordin Wasteland



Studio Boss AL Peters

Arrangin the Furniture

Occasionally seen in the Studio Office

Cookin the Books

Albie bein Albie

Durin Supercharge Rehearsals

Martin Dempsi & Geoff

Another late night session

John, Con & Henry at the Albert

on the night of John Lennon's Murder

The Icicle Works at St Georges Hall

to commemorate the life of Lennon.

Mathew Street Liverpool 09/12/1980

The Year that Square One Studios was

started by AL Peters & Pete Coleman



Father McKenzie, Eddie Porter & John Lennon's Uncle

St Georges Hall 1980






11 Davies St Liverpool

Just around the corner from Mathew Street

SOS (1980 - 1987) Crash Studios (1987 - To-date)

Roger Eagle at Square One Studios

Mastering Juke Box at Eric's

Photo by Francesco Mellina

The Boss - Studer A 80 1" 8 Track (SOS)


Studio Boss AL Peters

Photo by Jef Barnes




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