29th & Dearborn

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Kenny (lead guitar), Richie (lead guitar), AL (Wurlitzer piano)

Tony (drums) & Max (vocals, bass guitar)


THE NAME: 29th & Dearborn was taken from a Louis Armstrong trumpet transcription that was written in 1925 about the time that

Louis moved from New Orleans to Chicago and relates to a suburb of that city.

Please note that this piece of music was never featured in the band's repertoire and was the suggestion of myself having studied trumpet at

The Liverpool Mathay School of Music, and survived a two year stint with Supercharge prior to the formation of 29th & Dearborn in 1975.


Dearborn Sticker

Flyer by Bryan Biggs

(Director of The Bluecoat, Liverpool)


National Rock Contest Finalists

The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London 1976


'Baby, Put Your Love in Me' bw 'Stealer' 1978

Click on the single to hear this 'Rockin Boogie' A side


This 7" single has now become very collectable and was a 'pre album promotion release'. The label 'KRAMP' was named after the individual remaining musicians and sound engineer i.e. Kenny Roberts, Richie Winn, AL Peters, Max Rooks & Pete Coleman.

Tony 'Maroni' had left to work in London so Richie switched from guitar to drums.

The producer was Miki Dallon who had previously produced various hit singles.

Notice that it says 'Limited Edition White Label' but unfortunately the printers had been mis-informed and due to the imminent release of the album there was no time for correction.  Also at that time 29th & Dearborn was 'managed' by Spencer Lloyd Mason (ex Mojo's Manager) and encamped within at their studio in 2 Mount Street, Liverpool. The bands PR at that time was non other than Bob Wooler who is the Fan Club contact depicted on the single sleeve.


Bob Wooler's Publicity Leaflet


29th & Dearborn (1975 - 1979)

Champagne Cellebration of Chappell Music Publishing Contract

at Southport Floral Hall. Max, Mike Batory, Tony & AL.

Sporting the '29th' Badge

EMI Canteen

AL, Richie, Kenny, Tony & Max

New Brighton


Deal with EMI - K O'd by the Sex Pistols (Rock n' Roll Swindle)

In 1975 having signed a publishing deal with Mike Batory of Chappell Music and in the process of recording an album for John Darnley and Nick Mobbs of EMI the band was ensconced in Jeff Beck's Underhill Studio in the East End of London.

Unfortunately prior to the release of this album I was summoned to EMI head office to meet with John and the head of EMI to listen to an acetate of a 'new signing' and that was 'Anarchy in the UK' by those young upstarts The Sex Pistols.

The anarchic sound that emitted from those speakers summoned the end of any interest that EMI had regarding 

29th & Dearborn and Slaughter & The Dogs.

I came back to Liverpool totally rejected and to this day I'm still trying to recover the master tapes from our session in

Underhill Studios.

As we all know EMI's deal with The Sex Pistols is well documented in 'The Great Rock and Roll Swindle' -

"c'est la vie say the old folks goes to show that you never can tell".


Headlined at Chester College supported by Dire Straits with Radio City DJ Phil Easton


 Telegram request  to Chappell Music for song short-listed

for inclusion on the Ray Charles album 'True to Life'.

Unfortunately this did not proceed any further.


Badge & Tag Collection



Dearborn 1977 Tour Dates

Thanks to Universities and Colleges re Tour




Playin the First Hope Street Festival Baltimore Street   

Both of these performances proved so successful that the owner of Kirklands decided that he wanted a cut of the door take.

29th & Dearborn Flight Case with one of Phil's stickers



Phil was an ardent supporter of 29th & Dearborn

and was the DJ most responsible for many wonderful

gigs especially the one at Chester College when we were supported by Dire Straights prior to their global success.


A couple of years back he gave me a Radio City

 1/4" master tape of the band from one of our many

collaborations that I hope to 'digitise' in the very near future.

Thanks for all your support throughout the bands career!


My respects go out to his family.


AL Peters and 29th & Dearborn


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Dearborn @ Cavern

The 'Forgotten' Years


Terry Canning (vocals, bass guitar) Kenny Roberts, (lead guitar)

Richie Winn (drums) & AL Peters (Wurlitzer electric piano)

Photo by George Towndrow taken outside Keith's Wine Bar Lark Lane Liverpool1979


The Opposition was formed from the remnants of  29th & Dearborn after Max Rooks and Tony Green

had departed.  Terry Canning joined on vocals and bass guitar with Richie switching from guitar to drums.

The band recorded numerous ‘demo’ songs at their studio in Mount St Liverpool trying to capture a more ‘contemporary’ feel

as requested by the management and publishing company but unfortunately the pressure to meet individual family commitments

and keep a band on the road led to a premature demise after one last attempt after morphing into The Love Ponies

that introduced Bill Nighy, an actor from the Everyman in addition to

Terry Sterling on drums with Richie moving back to guitar.


Click Here to here to listen to

Hotel Rooms

by The Love Ponies feat: Bill Nighy



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