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The History Men - Our Most Honourable Prime Minister

Statue of Harold Wilson

Huyton Village Centre

Harold Wilson (1916-1995)

 He must rank as one of our most courageous Prime Minister's for not

supportin the Yanks in that other Foreign Policy debacle in Vietnam.

(Havin just seen the film 'Battle for Haditha' it's obvious the Yanks

haven't learnt anythin from their previous invasion).

Wilson didn't cave in to US pressure and stood firm no matter

what accusations were thrown at him not like that 'Yankee arse-lickin poodle' Tony Bliar. But there again he was not after the lucrative money deals that the 'murderous messianic liar' was pursuin although he did succumb to that other affront to democracy by becomin a Lord.

Lord of what you may ask?

Another good point in his favour is that Wilson started the process of our

tough negotiations for our entry into the European Union durin

times of economic hardship.

Above all he was a Labour supporter a Socialist at heart not like that lickspittle lot called New Labour

PS I notice that there is no mention of Wilson's anti-Vietnam policy in the

Readers Digest Books of Knowledge? What a surprise!


I believe that my points of view have been nurtured from my inception and I remain totally against the use

of military might except in the case of defence and that should not be seen as a precursor for acts of aggression against sovereign states.

I was brought into this world prematurely through my mother reeling from the impact of a bomb dropped on

Cardiff Station in 1943 when she was seven months pregnant. The doctor gave me up for dead and if it hadn't been for the love of my mother,

aunt and grand mother I would not be around to tell the tale.  

It is probably this action that has made me totally against war as a means of solving disputes and that when bombs begin to fall

anywhere in the world I feel a sense of anguish, guilt and pain.

I am not a pacifist but someone who believes in fighting for equality and the rights of those not so fortunate as ourselves! 

Also coming from a family of Welsh Coalminers I have a great feel for the community, tradition and spirit that is generated by connection to the earth.

I feel close ties to the solidarity that is behind the Trade Union Movement and remain a member of the Musician's Union even though they have forsaken my adopted 'Musical' home of Liverpool.





The devastation caused by the Atomic Bomb dropped by the

American military on my second birthday 9th August 1945

Musicians Protest at Condoleezza Rice's

visit to the Liverpool Philharmonic on the 31st March 2006

The 'Guantanamo' style Jump Suit & Head Bag worn on the day.


E:speakers Corner:-


Foreign Policy

During the recent conflicts in Iraq Afghanistan and Kosovo the silence of the British 'pop' fraternity was deafening!  

If  John Lennon was around today he would have undoubtedly been at the forefront of protest against wars fought behind the banner of ' just wars'!  Wars are brutal and are used as a means to consolidate political and fiscal objectives.  

The only losers in such wars are always civilians whose murders are carefully concealed behind the term 'Collateral Damage'. An estimated 100,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq by the so called 'civilised' west led by US neo-con strategic and economic interests obscenely aided by Bliar - the UK's 'name in history man'. (A truly obscene partnership also known as the Bush/Bliar Christian Democratic Bullshit Project)!!!  Surely the actions of these men as they

'stand asshole to asshole' is a similar kind of barbarism to that committed by Saddam and Bin Laden. - they all indulge

in the killing of innocent civilians? 

Truly 'civilised' nations have abolished the Death Penalty so were does that leave the USA and Saudi Arabia (Bin Laden and most of the 9/11 hi-jackers are Saudi's) to name but two allies and so called 'democracies'? - Say No More!


The Bluesman's CD single 'No More War Blues' (Groove 07) may be idealistic but it confirms the obvious!


Here is a copy of  letter sent to the Philharmonic musicians, the Musicians Union and local and national newspapers:


Dear Comrades, Fellow Musicians, Artists and Humanists




It is with absolute disgust that I’ve heard that a few chosen celebrities are willing to perform at a concert to welcome President Bush’s Foreign Policy Adviser, the ‘Warmonger’ Condoleezza Rice.

She is one of the architects that can be held accountable for the ‘illegal’ invasion of Iraq and the murderous occupation of that sovereign country.

We all know that this disastrous US led foreign policy has made the world a far more dangerous place and for what – strategic positioning acquiring access to Iraq’s oil reserves – the plundering of its human, historic and natural resources.

Over 130,000 Iraqis have been murdered and over 2000 coalition troops killed in this ‘Murder, Pillage and Plunder’ mission that was seen by US and UK businesses as the new gold-rush. The billions of dollars made by the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld, and ‘Sir’ Greenstock to name but a few pales into insignificance when it comes to the tragedy we have imposed on the ‘cradle of civilisation’ under that much squandered and touted word ‘democracy’. 

Without proportional representation and ‘free voting’ in the House of Commons even we do not have true democracy and we still remain subject to a monarchy that can take us into war at the request of some Christian egotist!

To all my fellow musicians and artists, a point to consider is that no matter how great Rice’s musical abilities have been advertised she did not have the guts, passion and expertise to make it as a concert pianist and although I know that the ‘Royal’ Liverpool Philharmonic musicians have to work under contract to this establishment banner to acquire funding maybe everyone could protest on the night by wearing T shirts proclaiming ‘Warmonger Rice Go Home and Take Your Murderous Rendition with You!’ or at least wear orange jumpsuits.

It is good to hear that Roger Mc Gough has refused to MC the proceedings especially as he is the proud possessor of a medal relating to that relic the ‘British Empire’.

That brings me to recently heard quotes from Condescending Rice that ‘the US is the new Roman Empire’ and that ‘Water Boarding’ (strapping someone to a board and submersing them under water to the point of drowning) as a means of interrogation does not constitute torture!  We in Britain gave up the ‘Ducking Stool’ hundreds of years ago and that just goes to show how pathetically backward the neo-con psychology is and please don’t patronise us by saying that the US is a fledgling democracy.   What about democracy in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan?  How convenient that these countries are treated as ‘allies’ with their diabolical human rights abuses and use of torture!  No wonder the US and UK foreign policy is seen as a sham with such blatant hypocrisy and double standards.  So anyone with any inkling of humanity who commemorates her visit should hang their heads in shame!

Commemorating a visit by someone who condones torture, the invasion and looting of sovereign countries exploiting their resources with appalling disregard for human life should be ‘rendered’ back to Alabama and spend a few years in her favoured Guantanamo Bay obscenity! 

Guantanamo Bay is an affront to all that is civilised; it is a symbol of her barbaric foreign policy!


Please Say No To Rice and her ‘side-salad’ Straw!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yours sincerely,

‘Sir’ AL Peters L.T.C.L

Liverpool Blues Musician & Artist


Over 5000 Protestors

cordoned off by the police durin Rice's visit to Liverpool

Protestors were kept at least 200 yards

away by two rows of police and two rows of police horses.


Just to think that the world would have been a far safer place if Condoleezza Rice had stuck with the piano playin rather than paradin around the world promotin the neo-con doctrine of 'don't do as we do - do as we say!' as she visits an arms factory in Lancashire and her government continues the arms race by building even more Nuclear Weapons!   

When was the last time a Weapons Inspector paid a visit to the US bomb making factories?

 Both Bliar & Bush are great admirers of Winston Churchill who said that it is far better to jaw, jaw, jaw than war, war, war. They should not cherry-pick their heroes phrases 'but think ten times and speak but once' then there would be far more common sense in evidence.


Domestic Policy

Adorning people with titles such as 'Sir' or 'Lord' perpetuates the myth of superiority.  This medieval practice does not belong in the 21st Century!  Those who hand out titles and those who gratefully accept them perpetuate the structure of the class system that is endemic and peculiar to the United Kingdom.  Surely it would take a far greater mortal to refuse such an accolade.  People of this calibre are very rare today.  

Paul, Elton, Mick and Cliff  hand back your obnoxious and silly titles!  

John Lennon would have done just that as he did with his MBE! (The other Beatles did follow his initiative).  

'Knight of the British Empire' - Ye God's!  It is hard for some people to accept the fact that the Empire is now defunct.  Nothing changes -the 'privileged' minority still wish to control and exploit the majority.

But unfortunately for them the Internet has broken through the 'establishments' prohibited barriers.  

The USA has Disneyland and the UK has the Royal Family which puts things into perspective!


Now it's Sir Tom Jones  - What for?  He hails from Pontypridd also the place of my birth and if any honours are to be given it should be for the Miners and their families by helpin to keep their communities in work and in good health.

Some of my Welsh relatives died of minin related illnesses like emphysema.




My Damaged Right Foot

Flyer re Protest at The G Mex Manchester

Blackie's Imprint on My Boot


The G-Mex Saturday 13th March 2004 Manchester


Merseyside ‘Respect Unity Coalition’ and Manchester’s ‘Stop the War Coalition’ Demonstration outside the G Mex

hosting New Labour’s Spring Party Conference.


Shortly after I had photographed the G Mex with the clock at 1.42pm I had my heel severely stamped on by a Police Horse called ‘Blackie’.  This took me by complete surprise as I thought the horse was way behind me and the force of the steel hoof took my right walking boot of my foot and the pain that I felt was excruciating to say the least!  Therefore I ended up bent over the railing along the side of the road in complete agony and for a while was unable to answer Police Constable Titterington’s (PC 4518) questions until the initial pain and shock had subsided. He advised that although I was somewhat reluctant at first to give my name, address and date of birth that it would be in my interest to do so and asked if I needed medical assistance or if I wanted to go to hospital as transport could be arranged.

He in return gave me his name and the address of the GMP, Chester House, Boyer Street, Stretford M16 0RA.

I also shouted out to Mark Henzel, head of Merseyside STWC who had brought us to Manchester who immediately came across enquiring into what had happened to me!

Karen Evans of Manchester STWC also saw my plight, later remarked on how pale and shocked I looked at the time of the incident when she came across to assist me and it was her who had noted the second PC’s number (PC 8297).  All these incidents took place on the same road from which I took the photograph of the G Mex. In retrospect that is when I become a little confused after hobbling a few feet up the road before speaking to another Police Constable enquiring if there where any first aid facilities on site. As I was making up my mind about what was the best thing to do, Angela a Legal Advisor and member of Manchester StWC appeared to ask if she could be of assistance. Due to the fact that she had taken the PC’s number I gave my address to the second constable who also asked if I needed to go to hospital?   I’m a little surprised that there where no St John’s Ambulance people around?  My past experience of waiting up to five hours in an A & E Department in hospital persuaded me to limp on and catch up with my friends with a view to seeing my local GP a.s.a.p. I saw my Doctor, Dr. J Clarke of The Health Centre, The Concourse, West Kirby on Monday morning the15th March. He examined my foot and has given me a week off to rest, take painkillers when necessary and stated that if it gets any worse to contact him.  I have experienced sports injuries from playing tennis and thought that I might be able to ‘walk it off’, but unfortunately that was not the case.  I have never suffered the like after previous demonstrations?

I find it somewhat ironic that only twenty or so minutes before the incident I was thinking what a beautiful animal ‘Blackie’ was, but when I looked into his eye he seemed somewhat disturbed by the march in progress.  ‘Blackie’ appeared so ‘edgy’ at that time that I decided to move away and ahead but we were so hemmed in that I could not move as far as I wanted.  Earlier on I heard a Police Officer issue orders to his men to ‘spread the crowd’ due to the fact that we proceeded so close together at times that we could only shuffle. Also I tend not to move to the centre of the march because I like to take photographs as we progress.  I also wear ear protectors to muffle the sound of the whistles and hooters.

What I did notice is that as we approached the area of the New Labour Party Conference Complex it was heavily policed and totally cordoned off were as before a policeman stood between the horses and us but at that point the horses had joined the police line.

Being ‘Self Employed’ it is difficult to realize the impact on my commitments, as I will have to avoid using my car at the moment, due to the fact that the most painful area is that of my heel which would normally support my foot when using the accelerator.

Obviously I will not be playing tennis with the St Luke’s Tennis Club for a while, and getting around will take a lot longer as I have to walk on the ball of my right foot with my toes scrunched up! 

Another frustration is that I will have to miss the Stop the War Coalition’s World Wide Demonstration in London on Saturday 20th March 2004.

Thursday 27th May went to see Dr John Clark at West Kirby Concourse to have my foot examined due to the numbness experienced after about 20 miles driving and the discomfort felt when sleeping with any weight on my heel.

He said that it is quite normal when the nervous system repairs itself after a shock, working from the central nervous system of the body outward to the extremities where the injury occurred.

Two years later I'm still troubled by numbness in my heel especially when kept in certain positions and although I have tried various solicitors advertising 'NO WIN NO FEE' concerning compensation for this occurring problem all have said the following:

a) You have no broken bones and there was no blood drawn.

b) You attended the protest at your own free will knowing full well that these incidents can occur.

c) You do not earn enough as a self employed musician to warrant them taking the case on.

d) This involves the police?


Yours sincerely, Mr. AL  Peterson


So how would you feel in this position of helplessness when all I was doing was exercising my democratic rights as a

morally principled human being protesting at the Foreign Policy pursued by our morally bankrupt Prime Minister?


13.42 Outside The G-Mex. (13/03/04) Notice the Police Recording the Protest

That means the incident with Blackie will be on the record!

Is that Blackie again with a change of rider outside The Philharmonic Hall Liverpool keeping Protestors at bay during the Condoleezza Rice Protest ?

Merseyside Stop the War prepare to Protest outside The G'Mex 2 Years on and Bliar still refuses to Listen!!!


The Black Balloons signify the Iraqi Deaths in the name of 'Western Democracy' - 29/09/06.



Tony Benn joins the 40,000

Protestors Marching through Manchester.


The Grim Reaper in the Guise of

Tony Bliar addresses the Lie-in

in the middle of Manchester.

Tariq Aziz (Sadam's Foreign Secretary) prior to his arrest said that there would be 'Rivers of Blood' once

US and UK  forces started to occupy Iraq and as usual nobody listened!

Why should the US Military be exempt from prosecution for the War Crimes that they have committed? 

They believe they are far superior to all other allied troops and beyond reproach.

What kind of ally is that when UK troops can be prosecuted (but very rarely convicted)!




My most recent protest was in Bold Street with the Merseyside Stop the War Coalition against Starbuck’s being the main supplier of coffee to the guards and the other psychopaths that run that anomaly known Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

As you can see from the photograph we have adopted the much publicised fluorescent orange jump suits that the inmates are forced wear.

The protest lasted about 40 minutes before we were asked to leave by

the manager accompanied by a security guard who had informed the police. 

Merseyside Stop the War Coalition is a non-violent protest group that has organised numerous marches in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

They helped organise the largest Anti War Rally against the Iraq War that

Britain has ever witnessed in London on the 15th February 2003.

News from Nowhere in Bold Street is the organisations main outlet for tickets and books for the various rallies and Anti-War information.  

A book to read is 'Enemy Combatant' by an ex inmate of Guantanamo Bay, a

former aid worker and law student Moazzam Begg.

A stirring indictment of Bush, Bliar and their sordid politics'. 

Describes his interrogation and torture by the US military....disturbin and

shameful to say the least!



I am not ‘Anti-American’ but believe in a transparency that reveals the TRUTH!

I love and have been greatly influenced by musicians (Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,

Roberta Flack, Joni Mitchell etc) writers (Jack Karouac, Charles Bukouski, etc) film makers (Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Cohen Brothers, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Moore etc) But cannot tolerate the ‘corporate bullies’ that set out to dominate the world hiding behind

registered companies in the United Kingdom and Europe because they are too afraid to reveal their true identity and sense of purpose.

These companies are endorsed by morally bankrupt politicians and ‘world’ leaders who after leaving their term of office further line

their soiled pockets with corporate directorships their consciences not bowed by their bloodied deeds, deluded ideals and inflated egos.

If only that silly American with the ‘sore throat’ that accompanies the crap trailers that promote dire all action/no plot  films

that dominate our TV channels after 10pm would retire and give way to more intellectual talent.

I enjoy very much THE DAILY SHOW with JON STEWART broadcast from Comedy Central New York even

though it is a couple of days behind the news when we receive it. 

He is one person who is not afraid to lambaste the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Wolfy the ‘quintet of bullshit’

and this show translates well into the British sense of political satire. Unfortunately we’ve got ‘yankee arse-lickin’ politicians of all persuasions who are too scared to criticise the White House’s and it’s disastrous neo-con foreign policies so we also have to rely on brilliant satirists like

RORY BREMNER to give a more realistic portrayal of those who have been elected in the

UK’s corrupt undemocratic system of ‘first past the post’.

I’m still praying for a truer democracy so that we can become citizens of Europe and throw off the shackles of being the ‘51st State’

(What a crap film) and subjected to the rule of the Royal Family and the Establishment.

I wish politicians would refer to us by our correct titles - ‘subjects’ which we are instead of ‘citizens’ that we are not!

But that would mean telling the TRUTH!


Having been prematurely brought into this world and given up for dead due to a bomb being dropped on Cardiff Station when my mother was on her way to the ammunition factory during WW2 and coming from a family that has been traumatised by military action I can honestly say that

what the armed forces and politicians are brilliant at is the ART of BULLSHIT!  Also known as the ART of COVER-UP!

Talking of the TRUTH do you not think that it takes far more courage to strap a bomb to one-self in the knowledge that death is inevitable than it does to drop bombs from a great height without the fear of death when both are an act of depravity in the knowledge that innocent women and children could be blown to pieces no matter how precise and targeted the intention of the bombs?

To all those religious people out there please explain to me the commandment ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL’ when it comes to blessing soldiers

prior to going into battle.  My father asked that very question when he attacked the reverend of our Parish who had come to console him after

his murderous campaigns in France and Germany.  It is of importance to know that my father was orphaned at birth as the result of an alliance

during WW1 with my grandmother and an ‘UNKNOWN SOLDIER’ who was wiped out with his regiment

the Royal Manchester’s somewhere in France in 1917 – Name not known or a convenient cover-up!

PS To the President: I know you are short of cash even though we have paid off our WW2 debt to you (What are friends for?)

now that the ‘Credit Crunch’ is in full flow thanks to your shifty mortgage deals so please

could you do us a favour and remove all your troops, bases and nuclear arms from

our once green and pleasant land.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

The Rev AL Willard Peterson

PPS Below is a photograph of a German Luftwaffe POW my father was lookin after (Please note 'not abusin')

My father fell foul of the military on many occasions bein promoted and then demoted.

After all his campaigns durin WW2 and on reflection of what he experienced in France and Germany he learnt that "the powerful few corrupt

the minds of many and that his comrades in arms and his much demonised enemy, the foot soldiers are but 'pawns in a master game'

and after all that is said and done in the name of righteousness the takin of just one human life demeans the perpetrator

no matter what the motive or cause".

The inscription on the back reads to my friend 'BILL' from Werner Friedel


Father, Bombadier William Peters

Son of an 'Unknown Soldier'


Father's Prisoner Werner Friedel

Berlin - Spandau


To my friend 'BILL'

Respect Thine Enemy


My Father's Army & Civic Medals

My father's medals with the top three all that remains of his WW2

effort after a burglary in 1979. All the other medals are for his

civic duties as leader of the Conservative Party and year as

Mayor of Knowsley 1982-1983 and his Masonic Lodge.

A letter from Harold Wilson to my father in 1969.

Even though our politics were world's apart my father was an honourable

man who served his community in his Huyton Ward without recompence

not like those who have corrupted what remains of local governance.


 So we have just heard thanks to you lot that Prince Wally has been co-ordinatin the droppin of bombs that will include indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction (Cluster Bombs) on Taliban positions in Afghanistan.  How brave when he is surrounded by foreign Ghurkha troops for his own protection whilst the enemy doesn't have an air force, body armour, helmets, night vision, spy planes

and all the latest military technology. He even had the audacity to compare the Taliban to the German Army sayin that he now 'realises what it must have been like to be fightin in the Second World War (WW2)'.

I don't know what they taught him at Sandhurst but it obviously didn't cover the 1939 -1945 campaigns! 

His dad has taught him to shoot pheasant on the glorious 12th whilst his mother campaigned against the use of land mines -

what hypocrisy he obviously didn't listen to his mother!

He must have enjoyed readin Boy's Own and Ruddy Kipling and decided he'd have to go and fight for his Grandma and the remnants of the British Empire. Wally hasn't told his mates yet that 'the poor are brainwashed into fightin the poor so that the rich stay rich' and guess which side his bread is buttered. As an immigrant Welshman I do not recognise any person in the establishment full stop, and especially those who have not been duly elected democratically although I agree that one cannot for-see or control to whom and where one is born.

But to be born in privilege and endanger the lives of others is beyond contempt irrespective of individual macho desires.

Prince of Wales by whose authority?

Fightin for Queen and Country - GROW UP - your fightin for the big oil and military corporations.

So Cornet Wally says he wants to be normal and does not like England

all I can say is to be courageous and leave the family, country and dump the title after all Grandma wasn't too keen on his mother.

The MOD (Ministry of Deceit) obviously thinks that a large % of the population will be taken in by this army recruitment PR stunt, more fool those who are?  It is a great pity that the endless pictures that adorn the tittle tattle-tabloid press didn't show the true tragedy of war, the two young men who returned with Wally, unconscious and badly injured with a loss of limbs. The reality is that these poor individuals will return to a future of pain and uncertainty and wonder if they 'did the right thing' 'doin their duty' whilst the FP of W will be given a hero's welcome

and return to a life of great wealth and privilege .

This country still remains  a deeply divided one of class and privilege against one of poverty and exclusion were the rich stay rich at the

expense of the poor! George Orwell's written observations have never been so true!

The Truth in Afghanistan is clearly outlined by an Afghan veteran, Leo Docherty stated that  'as the first British bombs fell, killing Afghan civilians, the battle for hearts and minds was lost'. In 2007 at least 1,400 Afghan civilians have been killed with at least 500 of these deaths attributable to air strikes and air strikes is what the FP of W is trained to do.

Please note that bein a citizen of Europe I am not a subject and therefore the Royal Family

has no significance to me and my fellow Democratic Republicans whatsoever!



It is with great sadness to hear that Airbus (Broughton North Wales) has won a contract to build wings for

jumbo re-fuelling planes as stated by US Defence Secretary so as to 'expand military supremacy over the rest of the world'.

If this is all about jobs where were these workers when Thatcher brought in the military police to squash the miners strikes?

I didn't see them on the picket lines in support of their fellow workers?

Communities are still sufferin torn apart by her disastrous 'there is no such thing as society' rhetoric and neo-con ideals.

Always remember that all empires eventually collapse and this is a last gasp attempt by a morally bankrupt government as the implosion begins.

The Romans  had the Empire and the greatest military power through advanced technology and the Greeks established a template for Democracy.

Both had a Senate and a House of Representatives with far superior military technology to those they chose to fight so

if history is any judge of what tomorrow brings, be very aware!


Just to think that all this military expenditure, the greatest in the world would take care of most of the healthcare of the nation.

So what exactly are  you we fightin for?

The Truth Please?

Today I heard that the biggest threat to the USA is not terrorism but diabetes?

When are UN Weapons Inspectors goin to visit US and Israeli Nuclear Installations?


For a true insight into the reality of what is goin on in Iraq a most impressive and substantial read is 'Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Fall of Iraq' (Faber) by The Independent's journalist Patrick Cockburn.

A writer who has spent over seven years in Iraq talkin to the people on the streets about the invasion and occupation and not the uniforms and suits

wheeled out by the US administration to promote the propaganda of 'western democracy' imposed on this most unfortunate country.

This book should be treated as an integral part of the 'war on ignorance' and studied by the 'hand of history' brigade?


Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

As the USA refers to the Russian protection of South Ossetians from Georgian aggression by troops trained by the US military

as an example of 19th Century Geo Politics obviously the Gush administration is sufferin from onset of Dementia because it must have forgotten

about their recent invasion of Iraq seen by many but those arse lickin poodles as an attack on a sovereign nation whose territorial integrity

was not recognised or respected as it destroyed the civilian infrastructure of a nation, tortured and imprisoned many of its citizens with impunity

with no reference whatsoever to the Geneva Convention . But as per usual since when has US foreign policy paid attention to such detail?

Talkin of outdated politics Guantanamo Bay totally outstrips this obscene administration's moral high ground with its 15th Century Medieval detention torture practices like the Duckin Stool (Waterboardin) and the use of exposure to loud Heavy Metal Thrash that appeals to

the mentality of 12 year olds. Obviously the favourite music of the sadistic jailors workin at this Hell on Earth?

Check out the recent Film Documentary of the Tipton Three in 'The Road to Guantanamo'.

As the respected Foreign Correspondent Robert Fisk of The Independent cleverly states in his book 'The World of Robert Fisk'

'What we learn is that we don't learn from history'.

A prime example of this  dilemma is that Condi Rice who is supposedly qualified in Russian Politics continues down that old neo-con path!

Ye Gods! What a dysfunctional regime that thankfully will be replaced by far more politically astute politicians.

This will be good news for the world as the declinin 'superpower' changes to Obama with the 'Chimp' vacatin the Whitehouse and the

Neo Con Chumps followin as mauraudin primates do! Neo Con Imperialism is so 19th Century so old world!

The Haigh should be the next stop for this old administration along with Bliar and his US arse lickin cohorts for crimes against

the civilian population in that debacle called Iraq.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show Comedy Central New York hits the nail on the head when it comes to satire 'closin in on the truth'

even though the show comes over as somewhat racist towards the brilliance of the Chinese in the 2008 Olympics

but at least he goes on to lampoon himself and his community.

I mean how can the US complain about the detention of Buddhist Monks when it has Guantanamo Bay?


An excellent read this summer is 'Notes from the Old Bull & Bush' by Ernest Organic a farmer from North Wales who also

welcomes Barrack Obama  with hearts full of optimism and a new era of 21st Century Politics workin towards a more

sustainable and equal world that will produce a far more effective outcome as we strive towards World Peace.

But unfortunately unless the UK adopts a written constitution and true democracy through PR (Proportional Representation) and

stops arse lickin the USA then nothin will change.

Talkin of not learnin from history what does the President Elect do? 

He appoints turncoat neo-con republicans like Ken Idleman (deliberately miss-spelt), men of no moral stature whatsoever as cabinet advisors?

No change there! Another man who speaks with a forked tongue Tony Bliar has been elected as a Middle East Peace envoy?

That is like givin the keys of the brewery to a reformed drunk!  An act of utter contempt for the Arab Nation.


Breakin News that there are over 190000 Mercenaries in Iraq that out numbers the Military.

They can murder innocent Iraqi civilians without fear of prosecution - how obscene!

The 'democratically elected' Iraqi Government has complained of the many violations but has been told to shut up by the occupyin forces.

Isn't that what dictatorships do?

Grubby Greenstock an English Old Establishment Imperialist TWAT (Tainted with a Title) has monetary interests in such forces in Iraq.

Nothin changes as the 'poor kill the poor so that the rich stay rich'.

They the 'Establishment' still patronise us helped by the media who are so afraid to criticise them after the Gilligan fiasco.

The BBC should be ashamed by its subservience to 'them' usin our licence fee money to massage their already inflated egos.

We the civil population should have a refund for every TWAT that is interviewed.

Oh! for a semblance of democracy?


Badges of Courage

It's time to send a message to Israel and it's allies that the oppression of the Palestinian people and the overt aggression that has killed over 300 civilians in the recent bombing raids will only lead to more violence adding to the ranks of the insurgency who after all is said and done are fighting for the return of lands stolen from them by the occupying Israeli forces. Remember that violence begats violence and forcing native peoples from the lands of the forefathers is an act of aggression that cannot be tolerated in the 21st Century.

A map showin the confiscation of Palestinian lands since 1947 will be in place very soon.

Referrin to that hollow term ' Democracy' were not Hamas duly elected through a democratic process?

Is it not the duty of every young man to fight the occupyin forces that invade their lands by any means possible especially when the

occupiers have overwhelmingly superior weapons of mass destruction?

Contact and

So George Bush thinks it's all Hamas's fault? - What an absolute dim-witted plonker.

He's obviously never read a history book on the Middle East.

Let's hope the next pretzel sees him off for good!

National Demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy London on Sat Jan 10th 2009.

Palestinian children murdered by Israeli bombers

Image courtesy of the Independent

War Criminals Bush & Bliar continue meddlin in the Middle East when they should be standin trial in the Hague for crimes against

humanity along with the Israeli government whose illegal blockade of Gaza remains the underlyin cause for this obscene catastrophe.

"Israel still counts on the most powerful psychological hold:

the world's Holocaust guilt" sixty three years on with the Gaza the own ghetto?





It was good to hear that Trade Unionist's are now in the process of stopping Israeli goods from bein off loaded at Liverpool Ports

and that the Co-operative Stores have stopped retailin fruit and vegetables from Israel.

I wish that those stupid people especially politicians that think that a deal between Israel and the US regardin Gaza is an agreeable way forward when Hamas the main party that should have be consulted  has been totally excluded from the deal.

Why do we have to be patronised by so much bullshit?  No wonder the people are movin away from mainstream politics and media

and fightin single party issues as the present national governments are a complete sham!

It is with great shame that within a time frame of 60 years the Jewish people once perceived as the persecuted

are now seen as the persecutors of crimes against humanity and that the political conivin that oversaw the transcription of the New Testament

when Christianity moved from a religion that 'blessed peace to one that blessed war' and therein lies the origin of deceit that

a war can be conceived as a 'just war'.  There is no such obscenity as a 'just war'. The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are about

strategic advantage to do with the confiscation of the country's resources and test the US and UK's latest technological weaponry with this

barbaric onslaught of Gaza that has taken place after months

of plannin by Israel and the US to further 'ethnically cleanse' the native peoples of Palestine and taunt Iran.

The bombin of UN 'safe houses' only goes to show the Israeli government's total disregard for both the UN and the Geneva Convention

with every one of the UN's resolutions tryin to uphold the rights of the Palestinian People bein totally ignored.

We the people can help undermine the State of Israel by immediately boycottin all goods and services that they sell to the UK.

Justice & Truth

I sometimes get called anti-semitic when all I state is the truth, the obvious, that unfortunately provokes a 'holocaustic' response.

For example Bernard Madoff the man who fraudulently made off with others peoples money, along with Lehman Brothers,

both destroyin many peoples lives and businesses with their lust for power and avarice etc, etc

Mr Taylor the man who bankrupted my father's business through malpractice and fraud a business that took my father

twenty years to pay back and no doubt contributed to early demise.

With the recent  disasters in the financial markets Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice turns out to be a shrewd observation of the truth!

Music as Torture

Those silly 'Teenage Geriatrics' Metallica think that usin Music as Torture as prescribed by the sadistic boneheads in the US military detention

and rendition centres in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan and at secret locations around the world is okay! 

We in the Musicians Union think it is deplorable to use such Medieval torture techniques and ask people to sign online at and to campaign to end this barbaric practice.

The 26th June 2009 is the United Nation's official day to commemorate victims of torture.

Reprieve will petition and lobby all governments on that day.

Guantanamo - Two Sides One Story

Cage Prisoners and the Merseyside Stop the War Coalition 22/01/09

Moazzam Begg -

Former Inmate

Articulate Teacher's book

'Enemy Combatant?'

Chris Arendt - Guard


No Job-Trailer Park

Strategic Interests

The Reason for US Wars

STOP LYING! Admit The Truth.

Omar - Wrong Place

Wrong Time
Unfortunate & Illegal

Chris Signin

'The Guantanamo Files'

by Andy Worthington

This was a historic meeting between the jailed and the jailor and the outcome was the TRUTH that torture was used on innocent people

and that the majority of the illegally caged prisoners were far more intelligent than their bonehead guards!

One cannot reason the idiotic statement that 'I was only doin my job' as cause to forgive those who oversee somethin as barbaric as 'waterboardin' etc, etc, etc. HAVIN TO ADMIT THE TRUTH is the US Governments' biggest fear.

Great News!!!! A diplomatic row is brewin between Britain and the US over evidence that torture is used in Guantanamo Bay

relatin to Binyan Mohamed. Two UK high court judges attacked the US over 'threats' about details of torture bein used.

I sincerely hope that the UK stands firm and tells the US to admit the truth! Be brave tell the US to P--- Off!!!!!

A Medal for Lies, Hypocrisy, Deceit, Murder and Mayhem!!!

You silly, stupid, dumb feckin idiots for awardin Bliar a 'medal of freedom?'

An award from one mass murderer to another.  How on earth can you give such a medal for someone who is complicit in

overseein the murder of over 600,000 civilians inclusive of women and children, destroyed the infrastructure of a sovereign nation,

was responsible for the death of an Iraqi weapons inspector, David Kelly a man who committed suicide as a result of

Bliar's deceit that has forced over 4,000,000 Iraqi's into exile as refugees? 

You had Saddam Hussein executed for less? 

As previously stated Bliar should be standin trial for criminal deception of the British Parliament and

people by dishonestly leading them into an illegal war in Iraq. 

His impotency as Middle East envoy as we watch the Israeli murderous destruction of Gaza says it all!!!!!

The world is not one of your dumb action movies to be meddled with at will - get real, you are dealin with real people with

different cultures that should be treated with respect and dignity and by doin so will help diminish the need for future atrocities.

Remember that one man's 'Terrorist' is another man's Freedom Fighter.

More Good News at last - Kurgistan has told the US Military to remove the refuellin base from their country let's hope our

cowardly UK government will do the same regardin Diego Garcia and return it to the legal and rightful inhabitants.

PS America now that you have complete ownership of your silly star war enterprise  please don't forget to take your

Trident Missile System and US bases out of Scotland with you when you go.

This will happen anyway when the Scottish National Party takes full democratic control from 'Yankee Arse Lickin'

New Labour that has fortunately imploded under its trail of spin, lies and dogma.

Obama supporters must realise that now the 'honeymoon' is over nothin changes except the colour of the presidents skin

especially with the has beens now dominatin his inner circle and the totally misplaced so-called 'war on terror'.

Yes he is in the progress of closin Guantanamo Bay but that has basically been moved to Bagram, Afghanistan.

Torture continues unabated and the truth will eventually come out especially with Binyam Mohamed arrivin home today.

What a miscarriage of justice this young man has experienced at the hands of his barbaric US jailors.

Harry Patch

(Courtesy of The Independent on Sunday)


Harry Patch the last of the noblest generation dies at the age of 111.

He was Britain's last First World War veteran to die.

" At the end peace was settled round a table, so why the hell couldn't

they do that at the start without loosing millions of men?"


Harry Patch 1898-2009

 This century has witnessed the slaughter of over 30,000 civilians

in Afghanistan and over 600,000 civilians in Iraq and the fat arsed generals,

plum voiced majors and lick spittle politicians call it a victory for democracy - Over 4 million people have been displaced their homes ransacked or destroyed and the exploitation of Palestinian land goes on unabated. Western hypocritical arrogance continues despite the implosion of its capitalist ideals -

'What we learn from History is that we never learn from history'.

Western Democracy and Military Bullshit is so embedded within the Establishment that it looses its sense of perspective and becomes part of the West's insecurity especially when confronted by other cultures.

Our  patronising foreign correspondents (ie Kate Adie & John Simpson) parade around the world in flack jackets helpin to perpetuate the myth of Britain's 'importance' in the world today instead of concentratin on the inequalities within our shores. I would like to see foreign correspondents from China, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Africa exposin the truth that is depressed and subverted within our so called democracy where a very small proportion of people (10%) Establishment) still control most of the wealth (90%) of this country under the banner of Justice & Democracy.

'The white man still speaks with a forked tongue'

SAY NO TO CRONY BLAIR AS EUROPEAN PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bliar as he is better known is an affront to democracy and his chosen religion.

For him to even be considered as a candidate beggars belief and just goes to show just

how out of touch both he and his cronies are in Westminster and Europe.

His ego and vanity knows no bounds.

His lust for glory and wealth after the debacle of the Iraq war, the death of David Kelly

and the thousands of men, women and children who have died as a direct result of his lies

and ill conceived foreign policies makes one despair!!!

He bangs on about bringing democracy to foreign regimes yet he will not be elected by the people of Europe

but by a quango of cronies. What a diabolical farce.


77% of the British want their troops out of Afghanistan whilst on the campaign trail politicians say they are listenin to the electorate. This just adds up to more bullshit from our sleazy undemocratic representatives.

British troops will leave Afghanistan when the Yanks say so thanks to the spineless bunch representin us!!!

President Obama promised a lot whilst electioneerin and we have seen very little change in our 'special relationship' as we poodle along behind, not much change there except for their domestic health reform bill to help the majority of poor Americans.

Israel still greedily grabs Palestinian land for 'illegal' settlements and imprisons or removes objectors into ghettoes

puttin two fingers up to the UN except when it suits them to mention resolutions that favours the Jews.

Notice how quiet and totally ineffective Bliar is regardin this issue, the so called idiotic peace envoy to the

Middle East = More Bullshit. He should be forced to live in a Palestinian Ghetto.


Seein the photos of all the just men and one woman posin for a shot whilst watchin the targeted assassination of

Bin Laden condemns them to eternal damnation or 'so the bible says'.

The killin of a human bein in front of his wife and children is just as horrific an atrocity as watchin the fallin man on 9/11.

As a nation the US has not learned from the past that the pre meditated takin of a human life in such a manner is a crime against humanity and the secrecy and style of the burial only goes to show that you have somethin to hide.

To name the assassination Geronimo after an American native Apache indian captured and confined in 1885

their lands confiscated by the US government only goes to show the 'Hollywood' mindset of those in charge.

The continual exploitation of the worlds natural resources especially oil without due concern for the people who live and

work on the land and the support for despotic rulers who ignore the plight of the people only goes to fuel resentment and hatred

that leads to such acts of violence.  Remember that 19 of the hijackers of 9/11 and Bin Laden where from Saudi Arabia yet the US and UK support the House of Saud, a corrupt regime along with Israel another nation that confines the native people of Palestine into ghettos and continues to confiscate their lands.  I don't remember the bible endorcin the right to subjugate other human beings and stealin their natural birthright. Show some respect for the rest of the world and it will respect you. Respect is a two way process.

If only UK governments would stop hangin onto US grubby soiled shirt tails and Tony Bliar and his ilk brought before

a War Crimes Tribunal then the world would be a safer place.


Dedicated to Andy 15/05/11

'One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter in a very unequal and divided world' and now that

Bin Laden has been assassinated the UK should immediately withdraw all it's troops from Afghanistan

with or without the consent of the US government and it's puppet president.

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