The Rhythm & Blues Mowin' Machine

First Underwater Gig in Liverpool?

Tony, Martin, AL, Tony & Mike circa 1983

Lounge Lizard to R&B Rebel  Photo by ?

Roger Eagle's Alter Ego -

Juke Box Johnson

Last Gig at the Bierkeller Liverpool 1985

Brad, Chris, AL, Tony & Mike  Photo by Dolman

Mick, AL & Martin at Adam's Club 1982

Photo by Jef Barnes

Neil, Roscoe, Mark, Mike & AL 1988

Photo by Halligan

Bri, Steve, AL, Jim & Mike 1992-2007

Photo by Dave Evans

Backstage Antics Before & After the Gig

The Lawnmower at The Adelphi Hotel

Liverpool circa 1985

'Beam us up Scottie' - improvised use of Adelphi seat covers

Kenny Roberts (gtr) AL Peters (vcls/tpt) Mike Nelson (sax) Tony Doyle (bs) Tony Dolman (ds)

The Lawnmower emulatin those other

Liverpool Lads

Waitin to go on stage in 1988 - Where? 

Mike (sax) Tony (dms) Bri (gtr) AL (vocs/tpt) Chris (bs)



   Tellin the NFL President (walkin away) that

he can't  play Beatles with us at

Wembley Stadium

AL, Bri, Mike, Frank & Tony


The Survivors Breakfast-Oxford - Guess Who?


AL waitin for a plane - Where?

Transport to the Mersey Garden Festival Stage

Tony, AL, Kenny, Mike & Chris

Jimmy Rae takin a bath before the gig!


Supportin Curtis Mayfield

Mike Packin the Van

A Gig in A Barn - Where? 

Jim, Paul, Tony & Mike

AL talkin to Bob Wooller & Phil Keys

The Grapes prior to Cavern Gig

AL & Tony & friends in a Belfast Bar

Tony at his Best!

Antonia de Sancha Sleepin

The Lawnmower Dressin Room Oxford May Ball


Nicola Sleepin before The Lawnmower gig

@ The Survivors Breakfast (6am)

A Roger Eagle Promotion Poster

By Steve Hardstaff.

Sonny & Brownie have not been on speakin terms for 20 odd years

so they sound-checked separately stayin at different hotels!

An excellent night to remember with such profound joy to witness a

master soul musician at work!


AL 'The Lawnmower Man'

Check Out 'Liverpool Blues'


Last of the Lawnmower Men

 Rockin' Rhythm & Blues

AL Plug's Inn



The First Underwater Gig in Liverpool?

The Lawnmower Meets Ken Campbell

Liverpool University Swimming Baths

Ken Cambell checks out the sound

Clad appropriately with snorkel

The Underwater Trumpeter

Photo by Ged Murray

The audience floats around

The orange circles are the centre of the Lubell- Lubes Speakers.


Believe it or not it was Ken Campbell's idea to hold an underwater event usin Lubell-Lube Speakers suspended into the water producin a sound that was far superior when submerged than the echo experienced above the water in the Liverpool University swimmin baths. These speakers are normally used to communicate with whales and dolphins.  Believe it or not that his was such a successful event that it made BBC TV News at Ten

Ken moved on to other things includin Hank Williams 'The Show he Never Gave' with Carl Chase as Hank.

A few underwater events followed includin a weddin but after this I decided that The Lawnmower worked better on solid ground

and scientific instruments such as the underwater variety are very expensive when compared to those used in a the normal environment!

Ken had also worked on various theatre pieces at the Everyman Theatre includin Illuminatus.

At that time he always referred to me as the 'man in black' and it was my introduction to Carl as a singer and not a thespian that gave rise

to 'The Show he Never Gave'.


Proud Moments That I Remember?

Wembley Stadium 

The photo of the NFL President as seen above (2nd row right) shows him walkin away somewhat disgruntled havin been told that

he could not get on stage and play a couple of Beatle numbers with The Lawnmower backin him. 

Notice Tony givin him the 'V' sign with the two flags above his head. I knew there was a revolution waitin to happen in that drummer!

Cheshire Hunt Ball 

When I accepted this gig I did not realise that it was a Hunt Ball so in order to interpret this particular event I dedicated 'Pick Up the Pieces' to those in attendance.  This did not go down to well with the Red-Coated Gents amongst the audience who after the performance insisted that

we carry on playin after a series of encores that took us well over the agreed playin time. This I refused to do upon which they surrounded me,

wavin the contract, and threatenin to sue me. I had already told the band to dis-mantle the equipment and make a prompt getaway.

Fortunately we had already been paid and there was nothin they could do.  They did turn all the lights off so that it was difficult to get the equipment from the Marquee and we were not allowed access through the Manor House but as usual I had come prepared with

my Miner's Head Lamp so once again they had been thwarted.

One must remember that I am an ex Boy Scout from a Welsh Minin Family whose moto was always to be prepared.

Also when we arrived I was constantly surveyed by the head of the manor who shadowed me all night long worryin in case

I knicked any of her Ladyship's silver. 

I overheard one of the guests retort ' one has to be very aware of these uncouth band-chappies - strange lot are they not?'

Sandhurst Military Academy.

During the bands performance a well dressed officer jumped on the stage durin my vocal performance and ordered me in their usual

bullshit manner to turn the music down. He didn't even have the courtesy to wait until I had finished the number so I told him to get of the stage before I threw him off!  He left in an almighty huff with his wife then invadin the stage in full ball-gown regalia tellin me that "he has never been spoken to like that in his life before".  My obvious reply was "There's always a first time!" "You should try it!" I enjoyed the evenin just the same but as usual with these type of gigs the band was only allowed to change in the kitchens amongst the biggest cockroaches that I've ever seen in my life!


These are but a few of many images to come and thoughts - Watch this Space!

The Original Lawndrettes Lyn & Angie circa 1982

AL's Last Everyman Bistro Gig 2007


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