Stuart Sutcliffe Photo by Astrid Kirchherr


Gene Vincent's 'Bluejean Bop'          The Beatles 'Aint She Sweet' with

                                                              John Lennon on the vocals.

The invite to the release of Pauline Sutcliffe's book on Stuart called

Stuart-The Life and Art of Stuart Sutcliffe.

I knew Pauline Sutcliffe through the Stan Thompson gang

and St John's Youth Club in Huyton



Also at that time I was a young ‘Teddy Boy’ who had an extensive Gene Vincent collection that Stu Sutcliffe (original bassman with The Beatles) had heard about and so he called at my mothers house in Huyton to see if he could borrow some albums.  I remember my mother saying that there was a strange young man  at the door with swept back hair wearing shades and a long coat (typical art student attire of the time) enquiring about my collection. I agreed to lend him my Gene Vincent

L P's on condition that he returned them in as good a condition. Anyway he borrowed a couple of albums prior to leaving for Hamburg that eventually led to the release of Ain’t She Sweet’ copied from

Gene Vincent’s ‘Bluejean Bop’and sang by John Lennon on

Polydor Records. To my surprise he did return them a month or so later in as good condition.  I eventually lived in Percy Street when attending Art College above his art studio. It was a thriving scene at that time.

Freedom of the City Programme

Printed by the Elliot Brothers & Yoeman Ltd, Speke, Liverpool

Signed programme

Photo Linda McCartney

Photo AL Peters

Council Leader J Hamilton, Council Chairman Hugh Dalton, Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney & Councillor Derek Hatton


When Paul arrived at Liverpool Town Hall

He looked at me taking photos and said

'now there's a face from the past'.

The past will have been the occasions I used to jive with friends at the front of the stage when the Beatles were playing at Hambleton Hall

and the Cavern.

Also across the the canteen at Liverpool Art College where he often met up with John Lennon..

On one occassion I remember during a fight that broke out at Hambleton Hall between two rival gangs of Teddy Boys the Beatles had stopped playing and their heads popped from behind the stage curtains and asked me if the fight had stopped yet. No I replied as bottles were hurled towards the stage area that I was trying to hide behind.



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