still under the shadow of The Beatles

and still running scared of the Blues

Liverpool Philharmonic 1st August 2013

Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron 27th August 2015

Edmund & Family

Soul Brothers & Sisters


Found on the Cutting Room Floor


Mark & Son

with Juke Box at Eric's T Shirt

Ian Prouse

Let it Be - Megan Thomas

Garry Popper

Milly Pye

Bill Harry & Gerry

Name Please?


DJ Craig Charles

at StGeorges Hall 27/08/15

Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron



Craig Charles

relaxes before gig


A well manicured documentary of Liverpool popular music that has been the interwoven  soundtrack of my life as a musician working in the more obscure field of Blues and Rhythm and Blues, Art and Poetry since the late 1950's

I stayed with the acoustic stage at Camp & Furnace and caught a glimpse of the future of Liverpool Singer Songwriters and had an interesting conversation with Mark Vormah (Personal Column) and his son sporting a 'Juke Box at Eric's' T shirt .

This 'talkin' head' documentary did not reveal anything new for me although it will definitely be very informative to those interested in the changing face and influences of many involved in Liverpool Music from Skiffle to House to Rap and beyond.

From Deaf School onwards it was refreshing to hear the comments and clips from Frankie, Echo, OMD, McNabb, Wylie etc.

They injected some energy into the proceedings and it was interesting to hear the Jayne Casey anecdote about

Bob Wooler stalking her through the streets of Liverpool.

I was also impressed by the writing and solo performances of Jon Power and Milly Pye.

We must not forget that although the City in question was Liverpool it's influence on Wirral musicians was well represented by

OMD (Meols), The Coral (Hoylake) and Ian Prowse (Ellesmere Port).

I've included two pictures of the very talented Craig Charles  in his role as D J at St Georges Hall 27/08/2015.

Who played some ionspirational music in a wonderful tribute to Gil Scott-Heron. I will wexpand on this at a later date.

Unfortunately I couldn't meet and see everyone I would have liked to just the same I had a most enjoyable night meeting old friends, Ozzie Yue (Supercharge), Fergy (Crying Shames) and Johnnie Mac (Spinners) to name a few and was surprised to be told by Mark (Crash Studios) to realise that it is 25 years since it was SOS (Square One Studios) my home for seven years from 1980-87. Congratulations must go to all concerned with this production especially Garry Popper, Roger Appleton and all at

Brightmoon Media for trying to capture the musical essence and influences of this wonderous place and condense it into 1.5 hours.

I would have liked more Wylie and less Ennis but that is just my humble opinion.


I must get back to 'Singing the Blues' after my most enjoyable sojourn with the James Burton Band and the Passionettes backing Pete Wylie, Brian Nash, Suzie Quatro, Susan Hedges, Dean Johnson, Geoff Nugent, Nickie Crouch, Don Woods, Chris Clayton, Vince Earl, etc in 'Aloha from New Brighton Floral Pavilion' with a special thanks to Dougie and Sasha of Fort Perch Rock

and guitarist Mike White (MD) .

It was a pleasure to back Pete Wylie on 'CC Rider' along with 'Heart as Big as Liverpool' and Brian Nash on the 'Power of Love'

and it is the power of the love of music that still burns my soul.

As John Lennon said 'When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power then the World will live in Peace'.

AL Peters, James Burton & Bongo Pete

James & The Passionettes

& Susan Hedges

Pete Wylie & James Burton


Check out 'Aloha from New Brighton'.

 'From South Africa to South Carolina'

A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron & Nelson Mandela

St Georges Hall Liverpool 27th August 2015


AL & Craig - Long time no see - 33 years since I was his manager?

Rumal Rackley whose father Gill Scott-Heron

remains so influential today.

Gary Christian flies the flag for the

Forgotten Town

Malik AL Nasir so reminicent of both Gil and  The Last Poets with the no nonsense political spoken word


Aswad vocalist -What a Cool Dude!

A Brilliant performance by Craig shows

his love for the music.

I'm sorry that I was unable to see performances by Talib Kwelli but unfortunately my life in music has finally taken it's toll and besides hearing loss I suffer from raging Tinnitus so that I have to rest my ears between shots -

as Joan Crawford said 'Growing old is not for cowards?'.

I must admit that the Great Georges Hall is not the best place to hear the amplified spoken word.

I just had to be at this gig and many thanks to the young woman who so kindly gave me a ticket at the entrance - I'm forever grateful.

It was so good to meet up with Craig after all these years and to see his love and devotion to 'music of the soul'.


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