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AL & his Honeydripper in his Fortress of Solitude

Photo by his Blues Angel Jayne Livesey


COVID 19 BLUES 2020-2021

AL's Tribute to the  Wonderful British National Health Service that has battled with the deadly Covid 19 Coronavirus in the United Kingdom

"If it wasn't for the dedication and expertise of our Doctor's, Nurses,

Carers and all the Frontline Staff who have looked after me since birth with the help of my beloved mother Edith, I would not be here today to sing and play for you as this is the least I can do from my

Locked Down Fortress of Solitude".


Check Out: AL Peters/Covid 19 Blues/YouTube



Vee-Tone Records

the 'almost' blues

Previously Unreleased 'Abbey Road Sessions' 1965

Vinyl Mono EP VTR-45-1026

'One of Liverpool's most popular  Rhythm & Blues Groups'

In the Midnight Hour, Papa's Got a Brand New Bag,

Who's Gonna Pick Up the Pieces


Colin Areety - vocals, Mike Haralambos - guitar, AL Peters - trumpet                        

Ray Fowlis - alto saxophone, John Beesely - bass, Ronnie Wilson - drums

Special thanks to David Gillespie of Vee-Tone Records courtesy of Groovin' Records

Unfortunately we do not have a photograph of the EP line up only of the original band?

Guess which musician is the young AL Peters?


Juke Box at Eric's

A Roger Eagle Special Commemorative  Red Vinyl Limited Edition LP

featuring extra tracks of 'Foot Stomping Rockabilly' - Eric's 008 Mono

Plus a printed inner sleeve with articles in praise of the legend that is Roger Eagle.

Special thanks must go to Dave Gillespie (Vee-Tone), Steve Hardstaff (Graphic Artist),

Norman Killon (Eric's DJ), Penny Kiley (Music Journalist), Bryan Biggs (Bluecoat Director),

Franscesco Mellina, Christine Purnell, David Bailey & Brian Mather (Photographs).

The original album thanks to Doreen Allen, Tony Martin, Geoff Davies (Probe) and Pete Coleman & AL Peters, Square One Studios (SOS) instigator of this very special limited edition.

Special thanks to David Gillespie of Vee-Tone Records





      Tribute to Genesis by Jacob Epstein        

           White Label Limited Edition

              CD Single Spoken Word

                         £3 plus P&P

        Tribute to my Father's Father       

          White Label Limited Edition

             CD Single Spoken Word

                        £3 plus P&P

     Tribute to my Life Drawing Class    

          White Label Limited Edition

             CD Single Spoken Word

                        £2 plus P&P

  The Chained Collective 'Together We Stand'.......

  AL 'Bluesman' Peters & John Hodgson

  10 Blues influenced original tracks covering Love, Hate, War, Politics & Youthful Exuberance!

   The Collective Musicians and Artists are Adrian Peters, Eddie Peters, Jools & Andy Wilson,

   Gary & Jackie McDonald, Bongo Pete, Tony Green, Phil Chittick, J. Sze, Lee Hodgson,

   Brian Atkinson & Dave Morgan. The Wetlands Crew, Bins, Lee & Dylan.

   Brown-Lenox Chainworks Photos courtesy of David Gwyer Pontypridd Museum & Town Council, South Wales.

   CD Design AL 'Bluesman' Peters.


   CD Album  (Groove 15) Price £10 plus P&P £2.00 (UK)

    Can be purchased from these outlets: Literally Books, New Brighton, Wirral .

     81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, News from Nowhere, Bold Street, Liverpool.

   "Drums of War"- Winston Churchill said "Better to Jaw, Jaw, Jaw than to War, War, War "

  The Ballad of AL & Janine - AL 'Bluesman' Peters

    & The Chained Collective

  This is a Love & War Song recorded at The Wetlands, Huyton, Liverpool.

   with John Hodgson, Phil Chittick & Jools Wilson. Special thanks to Lee, Bins & Dylan.

    Ceramic Cross by AL Peters. CD Design Adrian Peters. This track features Eddie Peters on alto sax.

   "When the power of love overcomes the love of power then the world will be at peace"

   That's what Lennon said during John & Yoko's Bed in for Peace 1969.........

   'GIVE PEACE A CHANCE' CD Single - 5' 37" (Groove 14) Price £3.00 plus P&P £1.00 (UK)

     Can be purchased from these outlets: Literally Books, New Brighton Wirral

     81 Renshaw Street Liverpool, News from Nowhere Bold Street, Liverpool



  The Last Trumpet - AL Willard Peterson

   Believe it or not this is an Anti-War instrumental that only contains an interpretation of the words of

   The Independent Foreign Correspondent Robert Fisk -

   "What we learn from history is that we never learn from history"

    The second track will be a remix by 'Eddie'


     2 Track Single CD Groovin' Records (Groove 13)



   Please note that there is no download of this track.



   Greenfish Cafe Blues - AL Willard Peterson - 2009

  This is a poignant track about AL's meeting up with his youngest son Eddie at the Greenfish Cafe in Liverpool

    after a ten year absence and a pleasant surprise to learn that Eddie has been studying saxophone and making

    his way as a   professional musician.  The Greenfish Cafe is one of the few Vegan restaurants in Liverpool.


    This 2 Track Single CD (Groove 12) is available from the Greenfish Cafe Upper Newington St Liverpool 1


    Price £2.99 plus P &P £1.00 (UK)

   Please note that there is no download of this track.


   Craig Charles The Wordsmith & The 'Mighty' Lawnmower

   "The John Peel Radio Show 1984"

      "To commemorate Liverpool 08 The European Capital of Culture I have released material by poets and musicians that

       celebrate the more contemporary 'Soul of Liverpool' that did not always materialise into the mainstream of pop culture.

       Craig held a very earthy and passionate view of this famous city during a time of national upheaval as we fought

       against the deprivation and morally bankrupt policies of the Thatcher government.

       Hands Together Eyes Closed the track featured here is a Charles/Peters/Lawnmower collaboration singled out by

       John Peel to be featured on his Radio Show for it's overtly political stance and was one of many tracks recorded 'live' at

       Square One Studios (SOS) Liverpool by this outstanding young Wordsmith.      

       I have worked in and around Liverpool city as a musician since 1964  and can honestly say that it generates a desire to

       be creative that can only come from the atmosphere created by its people and the inspirational musicians and artists

       that have helped make it such a great city".

       Click CD Cover to hear part of a track


       11 Track CD Groovin' Records (Groove 11) Price £4.99 + £1.00 P&P (UK)



Adrian Henri & Craig Charles

  Liverpool Beat Poets 1986-87

   "Tracks 1-6 feature Adrian Henri & The Lawnmower playing tracks from 'Love Is' to the 'Wasteland' showing

   the full spectrum of my late friend's poetic sensitivity and the great sense of fun we had when working on poetry

   and music collaborations.  I firmly believe that Adrian Henri's contribution  as an artist and poet have yet to be

   fully recognised and hope that through the supreme efforts of Catherine Marcangeli this will be rectified.

   Tracks 7-8 feature Craig Charles - The Wordsmith & The 'Mighty' Lawnmower.

   Before Craig decided to become a TV personality and actor he presented himself as a substantial 'Wordsmith' and

   although very little of this work became public I am proud to release the 'demo' tracks that secured a John Peel Session".

   The track 'In England & In Africa" playing here is as relevant now as it was in 1987 - nothin changes!!!!


   8 Track CD Groovin' Records (Groove 09)  Price £4.99 + £1.00 P&P (UK)



AL Willard Peterson

'Liverpool Blues'

1. Liverpool Blues (4.41) 2. Remix by 'Eddie' (4.49)


"Liverpool Blues depicts AL's  Leavin' of Liverpool and divorce from Bliar's New Labour Party.

The Labour Party and Political Democracy died along with the death of John Smith and ever since this country

has been in the thrall of US foreign policy guided by the ideals of Negative Liberalism - the neo-con mantra"

   2 Track  CD Single Groovin' Records (Groove 08)  Price £2.49 + £1.00 P&P (UK)


    Photo by Adrian Peters


AL Willard Peterson (5 piece)

'The Lawnmower Man' (56.96)

A Dozen Choice Cuts!

"This CD besides containing the most requested tracks ‘The Cat’, ‘Lawnmower Man’ and ‘Give me a Brandy’ also includes ‘Wasteland’ by Liverpool Beat Poet Adrian Henri.  Whilst looking through   Groovin’ Records back catalogue I realised that I had overlooked a song by another wordsmith Craig Charles who I managed from 1982 –1985.                                                    This work ‘In England and In Africa’ is as relevant today as the day it was written and was the ‘demo’ that clinched the        John Peel Sessions".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12 Track  CD Groovin'Mayfield (Groove 02/MACD208A)  Price £9.99 + £1.50 P&P (UK)

The Bluesman (Solo)  

'No More War Blues' (5.20)

The Blues Project for the 21st Century   "An original foot-stompin' protest song delivered with a passion and conviction that underlies the maybe somewhat idealistic Anti- War rhetoric that many performers avoid for fear of upsetting their peers. This track pulls no punches and is delivered in a Lennon-esque style yet retains the blues tradition". 

AL Willard Peterson - vocals, guitar and foot-stomp.     

CD Single (Groove 07)   Price £2.49 + £1.00 P&P (UK)


Willard & The Poor Boys (Trio) 

'Five Live Deep Blues Classics' (20.11)  

"Live acoustic  studio tracks  Can't be Satisfied, Help Me, Irene Goodnight & Sweet Home Chicago capture

the essence of Willard's travels through Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama".                                                                                                                      

AL Willard Peterson - vocals, guitar & harmonica, Leigh Marles - slide guitar, Gaz Gaskell -bass.    

 5 Track CD EP (Groove 03)   Price £2.99 + £1.00 P&P (UK)



The Lawnmower (5 piece)

'Rockin' Rhythm & Blues' (55.20)

"A steady selling CD of 12 original tracks    including Lawnmower Man,  Give Me a Brandy and Anti-War Blues Trilogy - DJ Blues, Father's Father and Babylon Blues dedicated to John Lennon and all those killed in the many wars that have plagued humankind".

      12 Track CD LP (Groove 01)  Price £8.99 + £1.50 P&P (UK)

 Photo by AL Peters       



29th & Dearborn (5 piece)

The 'Canon' Tapes 1977 (15.62)

OUT SOON: "The missing tracks that helped secure a deal with Chappell Music and EMI later to be shelved when the music moguls were taken in by The Sex Pistols and Mc Claren's Great Rock & Roll Swindle".  Tracks are Love It Is, Dancin' to the Daylight, Gotta Better Idea and Home, a track that was short-listed for Ray Charles's True to Life Album".

      4 Track CD EP (Groove 06)  Price £4.99 + £1.50 P&P (UK)


Ceramic Celtic Cross ©2013

For Further Information Contact:

Groovin' Records






Bluesman Cartoons

The Merseyside Rhythm & Blues Volunteers/New Orleans Benefit/The Cavern

AL Blows the Blues

 Wearing his Lennon Hat

Photo by Ole Hansen



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